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Anxiety & Anxiety Disorders
(Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety, OCD & Panic)

How I can help........

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A little anxiety can be useful as it keeps us safe from harm however, anxiety becomes problematic when we over-estimate how much danger we are in and results in us being on high-alert when we are in fact, perfectly safe. Often, when we experience physical symptoms of anxiety (sweaty hands, racing heart, fast breathing, 'washing-machine stomach' etc), we interpret these symptoms as signs we are in danger and respond accordingly. This can not only make us feel very afraid, but it can vastly limit how we live our lives and impact on our happiness.

In CBT therapy sessions, I will carefully assess how your anxiety affects you (how you cope and the impact this has on you). I will also empathetically explore earlier experiences, which, often, helps to indentify, where unhelpful beliefs and coping strategies came from.  Whilst I don't diagnose anxiety disorders (we use clinical criteria as guidelines to indicate specific, likely anxiety disorders), together, we can explore which specific type of anxiety you think you can most identify with & impacts you the mos,t and can use evidence-based tools and techniques to help you to manage the anxiety you experience. I work at your pace and will be led by you throughout the therapeutic process. 

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