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About Anxiety

What is Anxiety?

(Anxiety Counselling Glasgow)

When we find ourselves experiencing anxiety, we are busy living in the future rather than being present, in the moment. Having some anxiety in our lives is healthy however, anxiety can become very overwhelming and can affect our ability to function including our ability to concentrate, to regulate our emotions and to relax or sleep. For some, it can be a frightening experience.  Perhaps you find yourself worrying about everything and anything (even the things that are most unlikely to happen but the fear makes it feel like your worries are taking over your life (Generalised Anxiety Disorder).


Perhaps your anxieties are more specific such as experiencing fear around being in social situations, public speaking or even asking a stranger a question (Social Anxiety). Or, you may be fixating on health related worries and find yourself predicting the worst case scenario (Health Anxiety). 

Are panic attacks taking over your life? We can work on exploring your triggers and helping you understand what is happening in your body (psychoeducation) when you experience episodes of panic and how to manage these feelings in order to minimise the panic attacks and perhaps even stop them altogether.


I specialise in working with anxiety disorders and can help you to understand and overcome your difficulties and use more helpful coping strategies to help reduce and manage your anxieties. Please feel welcome to get in touch if you want some further information. I am a CBT Therapist, based in Glasgow who can work face-to-face or remotely. If you are looking for anxiety counselling, please get in touch.

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