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About Depression

Sometimes, when we don't allow ourselves to process how we feel and indeed, understand why we feel the way we do, feelings of sadness and low mood can persist and develop into depression. Anxiety can also result in low mood and depression: whether you experience Social Anxiety, Illness Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety, OCD or Panic Attacks, living a more limited life due to fear can often result in living less in the moment and missing out on the "good" things in life.  Perhaps you are having more 'low' days than 'good' days, you find yourself becoming very emotional at the slightest moment or perhaps you feel you want to cry but cannot cry. You may even have little interest or pleasure in things that normally make you happy.  Is it a struggle to get yourself going (low motivation)?

We can work together to explore these difficult feelings, to allow you to reclaim the happiness and motivation that you once had. We can consider some helpful coping strategies to help you do this. Most importantly, you are at the heart of your treatment so all decisions regarding your treatment are made together. 

I genuinely understand how difficult it can be to reach out and make the first step but you have made it already by reading this page. Have any questions? Want to find out how to book a first session? Perhaps it is easier for you to contact me by email or you may prefer talking on the phone. Either way, you will be welcomed by a friendly, counselling professional in Glasgow (we can work together face-to-face or remotely: telephone/Zoom/Skype).

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